Aura Colours


chakra$27s-4img55We all vibrate at different frequencies, and our aura is individual to us, like a colourful fingerprint.  We can all see each others aura, but just don’t realise it, often our judgement about people is more to do with what we can feel about their energy than what we can hear and see physically.

The colours of the aura are different vibrations.  The balance of the vibrations are regulated by the chakra’s, the energy centres located in our energy body.  There are 7 main chakra’s located at the major glands in the physical body.



RED – root chakra    Soul lesson – Service.

Someone who is practical and grounded. Determination. Organisation. Competition. Courage and vitality.

People who vibrate in the colour of red make good managers and organisers, and are able to get things done. Can sometimes depict frustration or anger, especially if deep red.

Negative traits when out of balance include insecurity, anxiety, restlessness and frustration.
Use the colour red for : Depression, lack of energy, ungrounded energy, low blood pressure, shock and poor circulation.



ORANGE – sacral charka       Soul lesson : Peace and Wisdom

Creative, physical energy, joy.  This colour relates to the sacral chakra, the ‘seat of the soul’ which works in partnership with the third eye chakra. Denotes confidence, personal power, independence. A person with a lot of orange in their aura is usually bubbly, energetic and creative. Orange and green together are the colours of an artist. Orange and magenta together are the colours of spontaneous joy.

Negative traits when out of balance include lack of trust, lack of empathy, selfishness, lack of boundaries.
Use the colour Orange for :
kidney problems, lack of energy, M.E., allergies and depression.



YELLOW – solar plexus chakra      Soul lesson : Human and Divine love

Bright, clear yellow indicates happiness, freedom and non attachment.  People who glow bright yellow are full of inner joy, happy-go-lucky people. Yellow is also the colour of the intellect, and a yellow area above the head shows clear intellect and someone who uses their mind a lot.

GOLDEN YELLOW –  is the colour of wisdom, and a clear golden yellow around the head shows high spiritual development. On the right hand side of the aura it shows the person is giving out wisdom to others.

DULL MUSTARD YELLOW – can show tiredness (often on the left side of the aura) someone who has ‘run their batteries down’, and not feeling quite themselves. A lot of mustard yellow in the aura can show problems with lack of confidence and anxiety, or self worth issues.

Negative traits when out of balance include lack of  confidence, anxiety, fear. The need for status and power, critical, unable to relax.
Use the colour Yellow for :
Digestive disorders, liver problems, anxiety, diabetes, nervous disorders.



GREENheart chakra        Soul lesson : Brotherhood and love

Green is a balancing colour, the colour of heart energy, the colour of giving  The colour of healing, natural healers have this colour in their aura. People who vibrate at green often are good gardeners, also they have a healing effect on others, or on negative situations.  Green often signifies change. A calm and restful colour.

Negative traits when out of balance includeresentment, guilt, jealousy, suspicion.
Use the colour Green for
: heart and lung problems, tension, anger, harmony and balance, emotional calm.



BLUE/TURQUOISE – throat chakra       Soul lesson : Divine Will

PALE BLUE – blue is a very calming colour, also a healing colour. People with gentle energy, who are often looking for a new perspective on life.  Blue is the colour of communication and self expression.

TURQUOISE  – is often in the aura of psychics.  Also in the aura of people who do a lot of talking  in their job, and salesmen, a very persuasive colour. Self expression, abundance. Communication.

Negative traits when out of balance include suppressed emotions, inability to express thoughts, creative block, spreading gossip, criticizing or boasting. Idle chatter.
Use the colour blue for:
sore throats, inflammation, burns, over excitement, fever.

DARK BLUE/INDIGO – the colour of authority, patience calmness, inner peace. Indigo is the colour of clear seeing. Dark blue on the left side of the aura denotes someone who would be able to cope in a crisis. Also a healing colour. The colour of wisdom.

Someone with too much dark blue in their aura, especially in the middle or above the head may be ‘feeling blue’ or feel separate from others.  Blue is a good healing colour for children, and Indigo strengthens the immune system.

Negative traits when out of balance include fear and doubt, intellectualism, over sensitive, dictatorial.
Use the colour Indigo for :  pain, psychic exhaustion, promoting inspiration, insomnia.



VIOLET – third eye chakra      Soul lesson: Be at one with the source

The colour of intuition, imagination, awareness. This colour balances physical and spiritual energies.  Faith, spirituality, service and gratitude.

Negative traits when out of balance include lack of fun, indecision, poor concentration, poor memory ‘head in the clouds’, manipulation.
Use the colour Violet for:
Migrane headaches, nervousness, neurotic behaviour.

PURPLE – usually only a small amount of purple is seen in the aura. The colour of unity, a sense of direction and devotion. Spiritual thoughts.



White – crown chakra

WHITE – White is a balance of all the other colours together. THE CROWN CHAKRA IS OUR CONNECTION TO ‘HIGHER ENERGIES’ IT IS OFTEN DEPICTED AS VIOLET, BUT WITH THE AURA VIDEO STATION USUALLY SHOWS AS WHITE. A perfectly balanced individual would have a totally white aura and completely balanced chakra’s. When white is seen on the right hand side of the aura, the person is giving out very high energies to help others.

A white aura can also show great shock or stress over a prolonged period of time.

MAGENTA – the colour of spirituality brought down to the physical level, a mix of violet (third eye) and red ( base chakra).   The colour of the eighth colour chakra.



How to read your aura


 RIGHT  jacqui-aura (1)  LEFT

The area on the right side of the aura (Displayed on the left side of the screen and photo), shows what energies we are giving out, this is the colour vibration that people feel when they are with you, what we are showing to the world.

The area on the left side of the aura (Displayed on the right side of the screen and photo), shows who we really are, our inner self. Ideally the two sides should be of the same colours so that we are giving out who we really are.  The area above the head shows what we are experiencing at the moment, and the centre, (seen more easily on the chakra printout) is what is at the centre of our experience.