About Us


I am an experienced Aura consultant, qualified Homeopath and Reiki master/teacher.

My passion is colour, whether I am painting with it , wearing it or talking about it.

“The Universe is filled with colour” Sir Isaac Newton

I have been studying colour vibrations, energy and aura’s for over 12 years, and was thrilled when I got the AURA VIDEO STATION DIGITAL DELUXE, as although I am able to see the aura without the video station, with it, I am able to share the information with others, and show people what their energy looks like, through the latest technology in aura photography and biofeedback techniques.

With the AURA VIDEO STATION I can show how our energy is affected by our thoughts and feelings, show how healing energy can affect the aura, along with vibrational medicine such as Homeopathy, and show people that we are not just a physical body, we are an energetic/spiritual being too.

With the Aura video Station, we can see that our physical and emotional problems show up in our Aura as imbalances in our chakra’s, and that these imbalances also relate to the blocks we have in our lives.

I became interested in learning more about what the colours in our aura mean, when I realised that people with the same illness, often had the same colour aura, and that this related to their emotions too.

As a qualified Homeopath, I often use Homeopathic colour remedies to help balance the energies in the aura, which is turn has an effect on us physically and mentally. There are many other ways of balancing your energies which you can do yourself, such as using colour and visualisation etc together we can learn about these.

I find it very rewarding being able to show people the energy they give out to the world, and with them, find practical ways to balance their energies so that they can vibrate at the best picture of themselves.

Since becoming an Aura photographer/consultant, I have grown in confidence and am always expanding my field of knowledge about colour and Aura’s, energy and vibration, it has become a very exciting journey