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Do you realise you have an Aura? – an energy field that surrounds and penetrates the physical body, made of electromagnetic energy, that vibrates producing the colours of the spectrum.

Using state of art technology in aura capturing and bio-feedback systems, I am able to capture an image of your aura, and provide a full body chakra printout and report, showing the balance of your energy.

Aura photographs provide us with a ‘snapshot’ of our energy, a person’s internal make up at that moment, showing their balance and well being.



What Energies are you giving out?

clip_image002Having an Aura photo and Chakra report, is like having an energy map of our own personal energy system. showing where the energetic imbalances are, and can direct us to where we need to focus at that point.

With an Aura report and reading/consultation, I can help you to find practical ways to balance your energies.

With an Aura report and reading we can get to the heart of where your energy needs to be directed.

Energy never stands still, and our Aura reflects this, constantly changing and vibrating as we move forward with who we are and what we give out.

An Aura photograph provides us with a recorded snapshot of how our inner light shines for all to see.


Fun to have done and an insight into yourself!

Thank you for coming to circle. We all thought it was amazing and your reassurance and interpretation was so insightful!

 feeling thankful.